The Princeton ATV Club is more than just ATV riding. The club is associated with and strong supporter of ATV/BC, our provincial organization.

We are a local club devoted to "shared trails" for everyone. It is our belief that the trails can be managed effectively for however you choose to enjoy our back country.

Through informed education and policing procedures we strongly believe everyone will benefit from our efforts.

Our recreational sport is fast becoming a part of family life and is growing at astronimical proportions annually.

Princeton ATV Club is active in preserving the environment and wildlife habitat, sharing the wilderness with other users, in protecting our rights and privileges to access our wilderness in a responsible and safe manner.

Shared trails is an economic opportunity for our community and surrounding area. The tourism dollars associated with our sport cannot be ignored and should be explored to their full potential.

Princeton ATV Club will work in conjunction with the Princeton Chamber of Commerce and any other group willing to accept our ideas of shared trails.

As an organized group, we will lobby governments to preserve our rights to trails throughout BC.

The members of Princeton ATV Club pledge to promote and protect our trails for everyone to enjoy.

Princeton ATV Club urges you to join a local club and ATV / BC to become a part of this provinces fastest growing recreational sport.

Brenda Crimmon. long time resident and atv enthusiast. Picture taken in Jura area near KVR.  Gerri Logan photo

Princeton & District

Chamber of Commerce


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Princeton ATV Club is proudly affiliated with ATV/BC
Princeton ATV Club is a member of the Princeton Chamber of Commerce




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