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Above: Tanis Moss with Ed Vermette, founder and local ATV activist who has taken on Town Council for shared trails along the KVR through the community.  2016

Andrea Demeer photo


With the ever increasing demand being placed on our back country resources for winter and summer recreation, coupled with the many restrictions to access such lands, it is incumbent upon us as responsible ATV enthusiasts to work collectively and protect our right to ride.

ATV riders are often perceived to be the cause, and often unjustly blamed for decline in wildlife populations, loss of habitat due to ecosystems as well as anything else those opposed to the sport of ATVing can present to exclude us from enjoying our BC wilderness.

We are a newly formed club, proud and passionate about our recreational sport or activity. We believe in shared trails for everyone. It is only through mutual respect and responsibility that we will all learn to enjoy our outdoors.

We encourage our members as well as all riders to promote safety and respect our environment for all users. Princeton ATV Club will work responsibly and in good faith will all levels of government for shared trails.


As an organized group, Princeton ATV Club will responsibly promote safety and trail etiquette.

Safe Rides everyone!




Drop us note or just say hello, we would like to hear from you...

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