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  • by Ed Vermette, Princeton ATV Club

Update on the issues

Hello everyone,

It has been a busy few months and I would like to share some of the things that I am currently working on in support of our cause.

Firstly, the designated trail committee has had two meetings regarding an alternate route to connect the KVR around Princeton. Everyone has been fairly tight lipped on the subject, but it seems as though Councillor Patemans idea of a route around Princeton is being discussed. In my opinion this does not address the issue, nor does it benefit the community.

I am making it very clear that bylaw 925 will be changed, even if it has to go to the next election!!

I have met with several individuals interested in running for council. I am hopeful that there will be enough candidates to run in the next election that will correct some of the controversial issues in this community.

I also met with Linda Larsen, our BC Liberal candidate for the next provincial election on Saturday December 3rd to reintroduce myself and reiterate our stand on "shared trails" in our area.

I have also met with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss a restructure concept. The chamber would like to have the non profit organizations join under an umbrella. This idea shows great promise and will help all those involved. I have expressed my full support on behalf of Princeton ATV Club for the idea and look forward to working with the chamber and all the other groups.

I have also discussed some tourism ideas with the chamber that ATVs will play a huge role in.

There will be more meetings in the future and I will keep everyone posted on the progress.

Princeton ATV Club and our local issues regarding the KVR continue as a hot topic throughout the province. I am working closely with ATV BC and they are fully supporting our efforts.

Our membership to date stands at 64 paid members. This is a significant number, but, I expect by all those who have expressed their desire to join Princeton ATV Club, we could become one of the largest clubs in BC. If you have not yet joined, please contact me. Our strength is through our numbers and how well organized we are.

There are many things coming up for the new year and I will announce them as they are confirmed. Your input through membership will be very important in the coming year.

We will hold a meeting in the new year to elect a board of directors. Only paid members will be able to vote at the meeting should it become necessary.

As it sits now, I have assumed the interim position of president and Tanis Moss has assumed the interim position of secretary. I would be more than happy to step to the side if someone wants the position of president at the meeting to elect a board of directors.

This issue has not gone away and this is going to be a long and busy two years, but, we will continue on our path to change.

There is a safe and responsible solution to bylaw 925, as well as an opportunity for our community. But we need people making decisions on our behalf that will acknowledge the solutions or the tourism potential of our recreational sport.

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