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2018 A United Trail Forward

2018 A United Trail Forward We invite you to join groups and individuals throughout the Province of British Columbia that are uniting in their efforts to support mixed use trails in BC! The 2017 provincial elections resulted in major changes in government. It is now more important than ever that we come together to let our new government know what is important to us as outdoor enthusiasts. The Provincial Trails Strategy states that BC’s trail network must provide opportunities for all user groups. This means that the citizens of BC have a responsibility to let government know what recreation values are important to them. How can we expect government to support our values if they don’t know what they are? The attached graphic is for all citizens to display, showing their support for a world class mixed use trails system in BC. It is easy to show your support! The 2018 UNITED FOR A STRONGER TRAIL SYSTEM campaign is simple - users partake in a flag promotion and display the flag on the ride of their choice. Local business and community organizations can post the simple graphic that says it all “We Support Mixed Use Trails”. The National Trails Coalition and the Government of Canada recognize that collaboration rather than exclusionary practices is where the future of trail development is headed. Coalition members representing different trail user groups are working together with the Government of Canada as a key partner to break down the old stereotypes to allow trails to rise to a world class level. The old stereotype that motorized is not compatible with other users on the trail is a preconceived conflict that has prevented trail improvements and economic growth in BC for far too long. Motorized has cleaned up their ride with new regulations and innovations. New legislation has established mandatory requirements for licensing, insurance, and safety, while innovations to motorized equipment have improved immensely and continues to improve. Respect for the environment and wildlife continues to be a high priority to all citizens of BC. Working together to create a world class trail system that benefits communities in trail networks is very important to BC residents! Rural communities have much to gain from trails tourism as the economic potential is limitless, so please join us in ensuring all users have a quality trail experience. Your support is vital for the media campaign that is being developed to bring awareness across the province of the value of mixed use trails and to promote cooperation and collaboration between all user groups. TOGETHER WE ARE UNITED FOR A STRONGER TRAIL SYSTEM

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