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NEW COUNCIL in Princeton

On October 20, 2018, voters went to the polls and elected a new council. All incumbents were defeated n one of the most controversial elections in our history. The main issue as predicted was the ATV's along the KVR within town boundaries. There were three candidates for mayor, two of which publicly announced they were in favour of multi use trails. There was also 15 candidates running for 4 four councillor positions. All incumbents and one other candidate ran on campaign that would deny mixed use trails. All other candidates ran promising to look at a safe and responsible approach to a multi use trail on the KVR within town boundaries. The incumbents did not get one seat. The obvious deciding factor in this election was ATV multi use and it showed with a brand new council. This was one of the larges voter turn outs recorded in Princeton largel in part to this issue.

Now the work begins, the club is hopeful of discussions beginning in January of 2019. Stay tuned as we change history in Princeton.

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